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Hotel Yutaka Wing


352-6 Kashoji, Tajiri Town, Sennan County, Osaka Prefecture

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(Apology) Pickup to Rinku-Town Station was finished from May 1st, the early morning flight to Kansai International Airport continues.

◎ Kansai International Airport sent to Kansai International Airport · outlet · Rinku-Town Station.
◎ There is free sending to Kansai International Airport next morning.
 AM, 5:35, 6: 45, 7: 45, 8: 45, 10: 15 Hotel departs! (It has been changed for 1 hour from May 1st)
 Departures at 10:15 will be sent to the outlet, Rinku-Town Station.
 Please use it.
  • Feed service(Free)

    ●Sending, Kansai International Airport·Rinku-Town Station
      From the hotel at 5:35, 5:45, 6:45, 7:45, 8:45, 10:15 the next morning
      Kansai International Airport will send it to Kansai International Airport.
      Flights at 5:35 are connected between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2
      I will come to you.Please apply to your desk at the front desk.Rinku-Town Station will not go to Rinku-Town Station. 
      In addition, departure at 10:15 will be via the outlet · Rinku-Town Station.
      The journey time is about 25 minutes.

     Please make sure you have plenty of room for your schedule.
      In addition, please make your reservation by 11 o'clock PM on the previous day.
      It can not be specified after time.Please understand.
     ●Please note, from May, pickup from Rinku-Town Station is gone.
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Kansai International Airport

    It will be kept only for your stay.One night regular car \ 500 (tax included) will be.

    For car customers, please contact us.
  • When coming by train

    ●45 minutes from Nankai Main Line / Namba Station
     Get off at Yoshiminosato, 5 minutes on foot
    ●JR Hanwa Line / Tennoji Station 40 minutes
     Shinge Station lower, 5 minutes by taxi to the car
    ●JR·Get off at Nankai Line "Rinku-Town" Station
     Taxi 5 minutes